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McGrath Mullan LLP


Founded in 1999, McGrath Mullan LLP has become a cornerstone of legal expertise in Dublin. Our firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services in both private and commercial law. With a team of nine experienced solicitors, we specialise in areas such as Immigration Law, Personal Injury, Commercial Property, Family Law, and Probate, ensuring our clients receive expert legal solutions.

At McGrath Mullan, we are committed to delivering personalised legal services, underpinned by clear, independent advice. Our firm’s approach is rooted in understanding and addressing the unique needs of you, our client, whether it involves securing residency, navigating property transactions, or providing representation in court. We pride ourselves on upholding the highest legal standards, ensuring that your  rights and entitlements are at the forefront of how we practice.

Mcgrath Mullan Solicitors Dublin

Our Legal Services

At McGrath Mullan, our legal expertise covers a wide spectrum, this enables us to provide you with our very own expert wide-ranging legal guidance right. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle cases across various sectors with the utmost professionalism and precision.


We provide expert legal advice and assistance to corporations and individuals on all aspects of Irish Immigration Law and its operation by the various government bodies. McGrath Mullan has specialised in Immigration Law for over two decades.

Personal Injury

We assess your claim, advise you on what you should do, and act on your behalf. We work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve. Your case is confidential – over 90% of our cases are settled out of court and your details will remain private.

Commercial Property

Commercial conveyancing requires strategy as well as the usual investigation of title. Our team has the experience to guide you through negotiation of finance, securitisation and structures for commercial leases, industrial units and development projects.

Family Law

The McGrath Mullan family law team has over 25 years’ experience working on family law cases. Our team can help you with any family law legal issues. We pride ourselves in providing an empathetic and clear service during what can be a very challenging time from your perspective, the clients’ perspective.

Employment Law

Navigating the intricacies of employment law for both employees and employers is something we take pride in here in McGrath Mullan Solicitors. We champion employee rights and guide employers on best practices and legal compliance, ensuring a fair and respectful workplace for all.

Accidents at Work

Employers are legally obligated to maintain a safe work environment, provide necessary training, and ensure protective measures. If you've suffered an injury at work due to employer negligence, McGrath Mullan can help you seek rightful compensation. We over 40 years of experience in personal injury cases.

Injuries sustained in Accidents

If you've been injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. McGrath Mullan can help you navigate the complexities of personal injury claims, from establishing liability to determining the appropriate level of compensation, which includes both general and special damages. We guide you through the Injuries Board procedure and, if necessary, court proceedings to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

Property Services and Conveyancing

McGrath Mullan offers efficient and thorough conveyancing services for property transactions, ensuring quality without compromise. Our team expertly handles everything from title investigations to lease agreements, providing peace of mind in all your property dealings.

Probate, Estates & Inheritance

McGrath Mullan, with over 30 years of experience in probate law, offers compassionate and expert guidance through the complexities of administering a deceased's estate. Whether dealing with testate or intestate situations, McGrath Mullan ensures efficient and expert handling of probate matters, respecting the sensitive nature of each case.

Mcgrath Mullan Solicitors Dublin

Client Reviews

What people say?

I have been very impressed by the way McGrath Mullan have handled my application for Irish citizenship. They were speedy and efficient in obtaining all of the certificates needed to support my case based on the birth of two of my grandparents in Eire and then completing and submitting my paperwork. They were always swift and polite in handling phone calls and emails. The result came through much sooner than I expected. I recommend them.
Peter Johnson
I am impressed by the professional and efficient service provided by Taise and her team. They assisted me to grant work permit sooner than I expected. Work permit is not easy to get here in Ireland as I have experienced one failure last year before consulting this law firm for help and wasted a lot of time on it. Hence I really value the advice that Taise gave and their proactive service as well.
Qifeng Lu
I cannot recommend McGrath McGrane more highly. My initial enquiry was responded to quickly and efficiently by Elaine O’Sullivan. The consultation that I chose to schedule was invaluable as offered me clear guidance on what was required to enable me to proceed with the application and to avoid this being declined. Elaine was extremely knowledgeable and professional and guided me throughout the process, I cannot thank you enough.
Scott W
When my partner and I went to McGrath & McGrane, we were lost but Mr Gerry McGrath & Ms Taise De Azevedo took in our case and provided us advise and helped us with the application. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They were with us every step of the way. I cannot thank them enough!
Yasoda S

Our Team

BCL, Dip Comm. Law

Gerard McGrath

Immigration Law, Commercial Law, Litigation

BA, Dip LS, Dip Emp Law

Julie Mullan

Conveyancing, Commercial Lending, Commercial Law

BCL Hon, Dip LS, Dip Emp Law

Gerard Dunne

Personal Injury Law, General Litigation

LLB, LLM, Cert Immig Law

Elaine O'Sullivan

Immigration Law, Surrogacy Law, Judicial Review

B.Soc.Sc., PGDip.Law, Cert Immig Law.

Eoghan McMahon

Immigration Law, Administrative Judicial Review, Civil Litigation


Hannah Clinton

Conveyancing Law,  Civil Litigation


Taise De Azevedo

Immigration Law through English or Portuguese

BCL, Cert Immig. Law

Naoise Duffy

Immigration Law, Judicial Review, Surrogacy Law


Alexandra Lowry

Litigation, Conveyancing, Personal injury

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