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Citizenship Applications can now be made online

As of 16th October 2023, the process for applying for Irish citizenship has been incorporated into an existing online application portal (ISD Portal).

Prior to that, applicants were required to complete a paper application form (Form 8), which had to be signed in the presence of a lawyer. Additionally, the full application including supporting documents had to be submitted by registered post to the Department of Justice for processing.

Applicants can now fill out the necessary forms, upload required documents, make payments, and submit their applications with a simple click.

Changes in the required information and documents

Information and document requirements have been reduced. Here are some of the key changes:

Residential History: Applicants are no longer required to provide addresses for the last nine years.

Family Details: Names of parents, children, or spouses no longer need to be disclosed in the application.

Employment History: Applicants are no longer required to list their job history from the past five years.

Social Welfare Benefits: Information about social welfare benefits received in the last three years is no longer required.

Statutory Declaration: The Statutory Declaration is no longer applicable to the applicant but is retained for spouses of Irish citizens applying on the basis of marriage.

Referees: Applicants are no longer required to enclose three Irish references.

Online payment: The €175 application fee can now be conveniently paid online using a credit card upon completing the application.

Six-weeks rule to 70-day rule

The previous 6-week rule has been replaced with a 70-day rule applicable to all years of residency.

In essence, this rule establishes that you can spend up to 70 days outside of Ireland in a given year and still be considered resident for that year. However, exceeding 70 days in any one year or 70 days in the year preceding your application can impact your eligibility for Naturalisation.

The transition to an online application system not only simplifies the procedure but also is evidence of the Irish government’s commitment to embracing technology for the benefit of its citizens and those seeking Irish citizenship.

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