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Employment Permits and Redundancy

While the Irish economy still appears to be growing, we are hearing more and more from clients who are at risk of being made redundant.

Making the correct return within 28 days

If you are on an employment permit, it is very important that if you are made redundant that you make the proper filing with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment within 28 days of the date of your redundancy.

If you complete this filing successfully (with the required documents) you are entitled to be provided with a 6 month permission to allow you find other employment.

Time is of the essence for this filing so it is very important to have it in on time.

If you don’t, you may be required to leave the State on your termination as the basis of your permission to reside here has come to an end.

Ex Gratia redundancy arrangements and the 6 month permission

The documentary requirements for this scheme in the Employment Permits Act 2006 is that you fill out the correct form, you provide your ID and you provide a letter from your employer confirming that you have been dismissed for reasons of redundancy.

However – the Minister must be satisfied the dismissal is because of redundancy.

If you are in negotiations with your employer about taking voluntary redundancy or any other negotiated termination of your employment, it is important that you know if the proposed arrangement is something that will give you an entitlement to the 6 months, or if you will have to find an alternative basis for permission to stay in the State.

Please contact McGrath Mullan if you require advice on this or any other immigration issue.

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