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What is a Stamp 3 Permission and When is it Granted?

A Stamp 3 permission is a common permission given to the spouses of workers on General Employment Permits.

Stamp 3 is a very restrictive immigration permission.

A person on Stamp 3 can reside in Ireland, but they can’t work or engage in any business, trade or profession.

There may be other restrictions that apply, arising from the visa process or other application process that got them to Ireland. For example, it is obligatory that when you apply for a “join family” visa, that you give an undertaking that you do not become a burden on public services or public resources (i.e., not take up social welfare, or become reliant on the public health system).

If you were given a permission letter, there may be conditions in the letter that you should study carefully. A permission letter will usually include a similar restriction to the above, on access to public resources and services.

I Want My Husband/Wife to Join Me in Ireland

If your spouse is from a visa-required country, they will need to apply for a “join family” D visa.

If your spouse is not from a visa-required country, they can come to Ireland directly and register for Stamp 3 with ISD at Burgh Quay or with the local GNIB office (depending on where you live).

There is a lot of work with visa applications and you should obtain advice from one of our solicitors before applying.

Similarly, for spouses coming from non-visa required countries, you should make preparations before they arrive in Ireland – including having documents for them to prove your relationship, your employment, accommodation, etc., to provide the officer at the border.

Changing from Stamp 3 to Another Permission

If you are a General Employment Permit holder, it is important to know when you are arranging for your husband or wife to join you, that your spouse will be on a Stamp 3 permission for at least the start of their time here.

They can change their stamp, however, through two main ways:

  1. They can apply for an employment permit for themselves. A lot of people will come to Ireland on Stamp 3, and when settled, will start looking for an employer who will sponsor their employment permit.
  2. Others might register for an educational course, and request a change from Stamp 3 to Stamp 2 (student conditions). This will allow them to work part-time.

A person who comes here as a dependent of a non-EEA spouse, but the spouse then becomes an Irish or EU citizen, can change to Stamp 4 or Stamp 4EUFAM. There may be other ways of changing to other stamps depending on your circumstances.

Who Else Holds Stamp 3 Permissions?

Other people, other than spouses of general employment permit holders, who hold Stamp 3 permissions include:

  •      Ministers for Religion
  •      Volunteers in charitable organizations.

Both of these permissions are very specific.

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