Registering to vote – Local Elections

In the rush to ensure that a visa goes through for a loved one, or an IRP card gets issued when it needs to, we in McGrath Mullan often forget to advise our clients that regardless of their stamp or employment status, that if they are ordinarily resident in Ireland they are entitled to vote.Irish … Read more

Illegal Evictions – Tenants

The rules around residential leases and the termination of tenancies is complicated. Sometimes, an illegal eviction can occur due to a technical breach by a landlord. Other times, it is quite clear that the landlord in question has no regard for the law or their tenants’ rights. No one should be subject to an illegal … Read more

Stamp 4 Renewal – Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme (Undocumented Scheme)

The Regularisation of Long-Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme was launched 31st January 2022 and closed on the 31st July 2022. Applicants who were successful would have had a decision issued to them some time in 2022. Subsequently a 2-year “Stamp 4” permission was issued upon registration. Therefore, Stamp 4 permissions issued in 2022 would expire sometime … Read more

EU Treaty Rights and Family Members

What are EU Treaty Rights? When immigration specialists speak about EU Treaty Rights, we are referring to the right of EU (and Swiss) citizens to be accompanied or joined by their non-EEA family members when working, studying or residing with sufficient resources in the EU.We call them “Treaty Rights” as they come from one of … Read more

Employment Permits for Construction Workers

The construction industry is suffering more than most from a tight labour market. Carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, and skilled tradespeople of all types are in short supply. A lot of contractors and construction recruiters are not aware that it is possible to bring in skilled workers from outside of the EU on employment permits, for construction … Read more

New roles on critical skills employment permit list

Under new changes to the employment permit system announced recently (20 June 2022), employers and employees are now going to be able to apply for Critical Skills Employment Permits for the following categories of employees: Critical Skills Employment Permits are extremely attractive to employees as permit holders are allowed bring their family and dependents with … Read more

Bricklayers and plasterers now eligible for employment permits

Under new changes to the employment permit system announced today (20 June 2022), bricklayers and plasterers are now eligible for employment permits. This means that employers can now hire bricklayers and plasterers from outside of the European Union. This will be of significant benefit to contractors in dealing with current labour shortages. The type of … Read more

Undocumented Scheme to open on 31 January 2022

The Minister for Justice has announced the launch of a scheme to allow certain people who are living in Ireland without a permission to apply for a Stamp 4 residence permission. Applications to the scheme will open on 31st January 2022, and the Scheme will close on 31st July 2022. You will be eligible if: … Read more